Night skies with landscapes are a real challenge. Many of the sky exposures here are 10-20 minutes long. With a stationary camera, the stars trail—with a camera tracking the sky, the landscape blurs. The only way I have found to get most of these images with the level of quality I want, is to composite two separate exposures together. I used to accomplish this using film, but now I can take even greater control working in PhotoShop.

Sedona Night

Halley's Comet


Geminid Meteor

Perseid Meteor

Moonlit Chapel


Milky Way & Tree

Galaxy Rising

Amateur Astronomers

Milky Way Viewer

Kitt Peak Dome

Winter Night

Leonid Meteors

Scorpius & Arch

Cactus & Stars

Camping Skywatcher


Leonid Meteor

Grand Canyon Night

Zodiacal Light

Amateur Astronomer

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