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This supplemental gallery represents just a small sampling of the many interesting petroglyphs found in South Mountain Park. Site names given are in reference to Landscape of the Spirits, a book by Todd Bostwick dealing with the park's rock art.
The panel at Four Pillars Site
may exhibit solstice interactions
A "hunt" scene shows a bow
and arrow which helps in dating
A lizard anthropomorph enters
(or exits) a large spiral portal
A partially coiled serpent exists
by itself in a remote park area
Two anthropomorphs in Box
Canyon, one a bit more spirit-like
This Box Canyon panel includes
an obvious hummingbird at left
A "spirit" glyph with an
interesting headdress
Large centipede glyph
with mountain sheep
A serpent coiled in the
shape of a outlined cross
Some have identified the glyph
at right as a gila monster
The often referred to line of
dancers in Pima Canyon
Mineral vein "X" at Yellow Rock
with completely pecked outline
An "hourglass" anthropomorph
and entourage at the 32 St. Site
Sun symbol that used to be a
logo for Pueblo Grande Museum
This fertility or birth scene uses
a natural color feature of the rock

All images are copyrighted by Frank Zullo. Please do not use without written permission.